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V2 Jig Meter DIY Kit All-in-One Electronic Cigarette Of Vape Ceramic Tweezers Heat Wire Pliers Tool Bag 521 Mini Tab Scissors


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Quick overview

v2 diy kit



Package Contents

1: Telescopic scissors *1 (convenient storage, cut electronic cigarette guide cotton multi-purpose)
2: Sharp-nosed vise *1 (cut thicker heating wire for multi-purpose)
3: Wire cutting pliers*1 (cutting heating wire for multi-purpose)
4: Flat-blade screwdriver *1 (twist screw)
5: Phillips screwdriver *1 (twist screw)
6: Ceramic tweezers *1 (hot wire when burning, ceramic head temperature resistance 1300 ° multi-purpose)
7: stainless steel elbow tweezers *1 (clip oil cotton multi-purpose)
8: A1 material 24GA heating wire length 10feet
9: ohm tester *1 test heating wire resistance (with 2 sections of 5th battery, sold separately)
10: Coil making tool *1 Specifications 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0 (representing the diameter of the coil) 3 matching inside the red circle

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