The Smok Nord 4 is a highly popular pod system that is beloved for its sleek design and impressive performance. As a Nord 4 owner, I wanted to protect my device from scratches and other damage, which led me to purchase the silicone case.

The first thing I noticed about this silicone case is its quality. It is made of high-quality materials that feel very durable and sturdy. The case fits perfectly over the Nord 4 without adding any noticeable weight or bulk. Additionally, it has cutouts for the charging port, power button, and display screen, making it easy to access all of the Nord 4's features without having to remove the case.

One of the standout features of this silicone case is the excellent grip it provides. The Nord 4 can be a bit slippery, especially if your hands are sweaty, but the silicone case ensures a comfortable and firm grip. It also adds a layer of cushioning, which helps to absorb impact in the event of a drop.

Another great thing about this silicone case is its availability in a variety of colors. I personally opted for the black case, but there are also other colors available, such as blue, red, and pink. The colors are all vibrant and look fantastic on the Nord 4.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the Smok Nord 4 silicone case. It is an affordable and practical way to protect your device and improve your grip. I highly recommend this case to any Nord 4 owners who want to keep their device safe and secure.